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Sunday, 28 September 2014

How to use Internet advertising effectively

Advertising can help

With the billions of websites and everybody trying to gain an advantage over the competition, advertising, marketing, promotion and SEO have become big business. How can you a small company survive?

Do it yourself website design

Do it yourself

A popular term for home improvements, but can relate to almost any activity, including your business website.You have to decide and know where your customers are located and what they are searching for. No point in creating an international website when the customer is based in your local town.

Many websites receive lots visitors from all sorts of links, but nearly 80% can be lost in the first few seconds. Time to consider reducing this leakage, ( You do know how many, and where they come from, don't you? )
Local website advertising

Advertise on you own site

This may sound strange but there are many opportunities to interact with the visitor and engage them with information. An article published by Northampton Marketing takes this subject and has produce a document that covers this subject in detail and shows fully working examples. See the article at

Like all good ideas it will take time, but if this is something you don't have, they can provide the missing link.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Northampton Marketing website is open

Finally the small business support website has opened at Northampton Marketing There are hundreds of thousands of website all claiming to provide the help a company needs with its website.

I have taken a different approach. Firstly I have explained the necessary steps to be taken to create and launch your own website, Following on from this are a number of detailed articles which provide a guide on what to do next.

If you need help or more information, just click on the ad.

Northampton Marketing

Web Resources

One to One Marketing help:Personal support for the smaller company.
Web CEO:
The best software for "do it yourself" SEO
Technical Support: A range of solutions.
Virtual Office:A complete virtual office available from any browser
Web Solutions:When you need the best customer service for hosting, domains etc.